Class Act Interpreting
Founded 1980
If you are:
  • Requesting a quote for services
  • Requesting interpreters less than 48hrs (2 business days) from the event start time
  • Have any questions about requesting and interpreter or the interpreting field please use the contact us form, call Blair Sherwood at (916) 759-4594, or email

Returning Customers:
Please use our UsKed system to request services. Once you login to the system with your user name and password you will be taken through various prompts giving us all the required information for your request. When you have completed the form click the "submit for confirmation" button at the bottom of the page.
If you are checking on a request you have already made please look on the home page of the schedule system. After you login it will be able to provide you with information about any requests that you have made. If you have additional information to add to the request or questions please contact our scheduling coordinator at

The below form will continue to be active for a short period of time while we transition to the new scheduling system. If you have any problem with this process or have not yet received login credentials for the new system please contact Blair Sherwood at (916) 759-4594.

We look forward to providing you excellent service.