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Cristie Lindsay-Pell has been an R.I.D. (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) certified interpreter since 1979.  She has a broad range of experiences including medical, legal, and educational settings.  She has been Advanced Lead Interpreter for American River College for more than 30 years and has been a sign language instructor in the Los Rios Community College District for over 32 years.  Cristie has been a long term supporter in organizations such as R.I.D and SaVRID (Sacramento Valley Registered of Interpreters for the Deaf).  Cristie participated in these organizations by volunteering in the National and Regional Grievance Council, the National Certification Council, and Vice President/Board Member of SaVRID.  Currently, she is serving on the SaVRID's professional development committee.  The community as a whole has also enjoyed her for the past 32 years as the lead interpreter for Dave McDonald’s “Best of Broadway” and was recognized as "volunteer of the year" for her work with children in the performing arts.  Cristie is well known for her mentoring of non-certified interpreters in the Sacramento area in achieving their goals of becoming a certified sign language interpreter for the Deaf.